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Hogenakkal Falls

       Hogenakkal is a location in Dharmapuri District where the river, Kaveri enters Tamil Nadu. It is regarded as one of the most popular picnic spots in Dharmapuri with a lush and picturesque landscape attracting local as well as regional tourists across the state as well as all over India and even abroad.

       At this point in Hogenakkal, the wide stream of the Kaveri River forks out. It forms an island from where one stream continues and drops down into a deep gorge to create a fantastic water fall. From the water spray of this fall rises a droplet cloud resembling a screen of smoke hence the name, Hogenakkal (Hoge denotes smoke and Kal denotes rock), smoking rock.

       The river Kaveri flows in a specific gorge so narrow that it could be easily leapt across by a goat. Thus that location in Hogenakkal is termed as Meka Dhattu or goat’s leap. Bathing in the waters of the Hogenakkal falls is generally considered to have a therapeutic effect on your body as the waters of the Kaveri flows through an herbal jungle before it reaches Hogenakkal. So people throng the falls to take a bath with a stimulating oil massage for rest and relaxation.

       The parisal is a round basket type of boat which is used by tourists to feel the thrill of a boat ride on the river here at Hogenakkal. It is a perfect holiday destination for families and for people who wish to take a break and relax. The Hogenakkal fall is about 60 kms from Mecheri Badrakaliamman Temple.

Kiliyur Falls

       Kiliyur Falls is an untouched water fall situated on the Shervarayan range, Eastern Ghats. Kiliyur Falls is a pristine and popular tourist spot visited by nature enthusiasts and tourists who throng the location during the peak season period every year. The waters over flowing the Yercaud Lake drop 300 feet or 90 metres in to the Kiliyur valley region.

       The falls is situated at a distance of 2.5 kilometres or around 1.6 miles from the Yercaud Lake. The last stretch of around 500 metres or roughly 1600 feet or so consists only of an unpaved rough steep path way. It is a spectacular sight during the monsoons when the water level is the highest. The Kiliyur Falls is about from the 30 Km in Mecheri Badrakaliamman Temple.